Student stories


XinRu Chen, third-year undergraduate, Piano

"It is not an exaggeration to say that the Academy has changed my life, in many ways. It has offered me an inspiring and innovative professional direction, challenging academic study and a friendly atmosphere. During my three years, I have done many things that I had never thought possible: keyboard improvisation, writing a cadenza, communicating with the world’s top artists. All of these have strengthened my understanding of music and improved my musical vision and stagecraft.

For piano students, professional study at the Academy is thorough and profound, not only because of the high-profile teaching faculty, and how it promotes the normal study process, but also because of the connection with well-known artists through inspiring masterclasses and concerts.

The Academy provides a path to future development in which students are able to pursue a clear professional direction as well as enjoy their musical life. "


Ke Ma, second-year postgraduate, Piano

"Coming to study at the Royal Academy of Music has been a dramatic turning point in my life, as I have experienced many practical opportunities that have shaped me into a more artistic musician. The staff here have influenced me in ways that have helped me to grow into a more mature, well-rounded personality.

The environment of friendly competition is inspiring and motivating. I frequently get stimulated by the friends around me. Apart from that, Academy provides us with the most inspirational atmosphere – with opportunities to work with world-renowned personalities as well as to engage with fascinating activities."